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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2005/10/9 1:47
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/9/27
From: Taiwan HsinChu
Posts: 299
Peter's Introduction
Hello everyone, I'm Peter Wu. Almost everybody in Taiwan Call me Peter because it's easy to remember and kind of funny. Like everybody else in our group, I'm sixteen years "young" and I'm the second grade of sinior high (Which is the same to the American 11th grade).

Ok now for showing about what the guy I am, I would first to tell my habit and interest. In school, I could not say that I'm always a active person. In that case, which made some of the subjects I like or I don't like. I love studying English because when I found it is so important for making more friends and sometimes even to pretect my self. But at the back of the side, I would say these days in school, I keep trying to make my test grades better. Because you know, we have many vocabulary in one lesson to memorize. Whatever, about school is too much.

Second to say, the day I like the most is - no school day. I can practice playing the guitar( started from 2 month ago), listen some music, surfing on the internet, go window shopping, and even more when in free. And about the guitar, I would turely like to find a teacher recently.

Third to tell, my favorite food is - I could eat everything but don't give me things too strange to eat.

And this could be the last one - I'm skilled to fix computer, but actually now I don't have much time to help people because too many thing that I need to handle and need to prepare for the comming college entering test.

Oh yes one thing more that I almost forget. My basic information:

E-mail address
Birth :2/5
Where did I born:Taiwan
Yahoo account:peter00151
Blog: What!? Oh it's Peter!
Description about me:Hot inside but silent outside.

That is all about! Thanks everyone!!

《This is Peter~》

My poem

They're trying to walk in to my memony,
'Cause they want to change the way I act in evening.
I want say something but just can not stop thinking.

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