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Day 7 in Cupertino by Lewis

Day 7 in Cupertino by LewisPopular
Submitter05c07More Photos from 05c07    Last Update2016/11/6 1:53
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We visited Portwell this morning.  In fact, the headquarter of this company was established in Taiwan, so the employees were mostly Taiwanese or Asians.  The president of this branch explained what products they made, what were the "internet of things" and some details about "industry 4.0".  It's pretty interesting because I heard these words on TV or radio before, but I didn't really know the meaning.  After the delicious lunch in Portwell, we visited the Intel Museum.  Even though it's not really big, the narrator explained the chips and the wafers very clearly.  The store here was awesome and it was not as expensive as the store in Google.  We arrived at the city hall around 3:30, and then we started to practice our performances.  Today's farewell party provided delicious Taiwanese food.  I was really glad because I missed Taiwanese food a lot after seven days staying in America.  I shared my experiences on the stage after the meal.  I was a little nervous in the beginning, but when I found out that everyone was listening to my speeches, I started having confidence and shared a lot of stuffs about what I have learned and what I've seen these seven days.


DAY 7Popular
Submitter05c12More Photos from 05c12    Last Update2016/11/6 1:43
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Today is a wonderful day.In the morning, we went to portwell, its factories are cool. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in that.  About lunch, we ate pizza. Believe it or not, the pizza is huge!!Next, we went to Intel museum, we made instructions at first. And then, we saw many things. I bought several souvenirs there.
In the evening, we practiced our performance in the Community Hall. At 5:30,host families came. We performed an English song "Taylor Swift -Sparks Fly " and a Taiwanese song. We invited some people to join us. That was really fun!!!

JIM Day 7

JIM Day 7Popular
Submitter05c06More Photos from 05c06    Last Update2016/11/6 0:31
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Today we went to visit the Portwell Company. Their product is computer, network, automation, etc. We visited the Intel museum, everything inside is very cool and has its history. Here is a shop, I bought a souvenir for my dad.
After that we went to the City Hall to practice our show for Farewell party. My show was playing Chinese trumpet, I had fun with our group. All shows are very well today.
After party, my host family and I attended another special party, Diwali, which is India

Last two days in cupertino

Last two days in cupertinoPopular
Submitter05c17More Photos from 05c17    Last Update2016/11/6 0:09
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First, we went to the Portwell company and listen to some speech about what they made and went to see the factory. Then we went to the Intel museum. I really loved this place, because it a big company and we can get a chance to learn the incredible things from it. It's really cool to make to Lego and introduction thing, and I really appreciate the founders could make this big company and success. After the farewell party, I finally realized this Cupertino exchange student trip soon would be ended ( much work back in Taiwan.) This place is also fascinating and full of surprises. The party was really fun and warm. I loved when everyone stood on the stage and tell the audience about their lovely story. That makes me more sure that America is a great place, and realized this friendship is unforgettable and unique. Wish I can host Misha someday (my host student). After party, we went to a friend of misha's house. We practiced the steps and moves for the dance for tomorrow's Diwali party. It was full of Indian style and passion. We had a fun and lovely day.

11/4 had a farewell party

11/4 had a farewell party
Submitter05c09More Photos from 05c09    Last Update2016/11/5 23:23
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Today we went to two companies , Portwell and Intel . Then we had a farewell party at city hall in the evening , it means I only left two days . I enjoyed in the party , and we all did well .
I also enjoyed the performance , but I did make a big mistake that I didn't go to speech to thank my host family . I felt very sorry 😔 . Before performance we had a dinner that's Chinese food , it's yummy . After the farewell party , I went to a robot class with Rishabh . It's cool , they made programs and instructed the robot to get the toy honeycomb . I had a wonderful time today .

<Austin> Day7

<Austin> Day7Popular
Submitter05c11More Photos from 05c11    Last Update2016/11/5 19:01
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Today is the tech company tour. We visited Portwell and Intel. We've learned a lot. Portwell is a Taiwan company making IPC. Their product don't look like computer but they work in machines and as good as computers. They also shared about industry 4.0. It's like innovative concept that is changing the industry, products, and even our lifestyle. They connect everything together, such as loT, Big Data, it's a trend now. Afternoon we went to Intel, which makes tiny chips in computers. They explain why instruction is important by an activity.  We'll have to write our own instructions and let other sees. It's hard to know other people thoughts, we all strongly understand how important it is. Then they show the history of Intel. They demonstrate how to wear their factory suit, also known as bunny suit, correctly. It's a special tour.

Night we got a farewell party. We all had a nice time. Then our home parent took us to an Indian party. We played, singed, ate at the party. We haven't been to this kind of party before.

11/4 Farewell Party

11/4 Farewell PartyPopular
Submitter05c14More Photos from 05c14    Last Update2016/11/5 17:50
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 Today, we went to two company. In the morning, we went to Portwell, which is a company that make IPC. We also learned IoT in the meeting room, too. It means Internet of Things.
 In the afternoon, we went to Intel. It's a company that produce software.
 I can't believe today is the farewell party, that means there's only two days left for this trip. I really missed my family a lot, but I will miss my host family, too. It's a good news that Devan will meet me in Hsinchu in spring! I am really lucky to get host by Park family, they gave me a wonderful memory at Cupertino.
 Well, I still have two days, I will play with my host family as fun as I can!

What a great day!

What a great day!
Submitter05c05More Photos from 05c05    Last Update2016/11/5 15:22
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Today we visited Portwell and Intel companies.  Then during the evening we had a farewell party in the city hall. I think we all did a good job 👍👍👍 I'm really proud of ourselves. I enjoyed the performances that we've prepared for a long time. Well I made some mistakes though which made me feel a bit embarrassed 😓. I forgot to thank my host family when we were having a speech , so I want to thanks them here. I'm really appreciate them because they are very nice to me and treat me like their own kid.
After the farewell party, my host mom took me to Santana Row. It's a extremely beautiful place. It was so crowded when we got there even it was pretty late of the day. I got to say it's the beautiful place that I've ever seen. The street is amazing and attractive. I'm sure it will be much crowded and gorgeous in Christmas. I really had a wonderful time today 😊😊

no title

no title
Submitter05c02More Photos from 05c02    Last Update2016/11/5 14:31
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Today,we visited Portwell and intel museum. Portwell is found in2000. It make something program and usually cooperate with intel company. And intel is found in 1968. It make mafer,computer,CPU and so on. It is so big inside it. Then,we make a instruction and arrange some legos. After those,we went to th city hall to prepare our performance. We sang spark sky and  traditional song which is popular in  Taiwan. I have fun with my group.I'm proud of meeting them. They all so nice to me,so as host family. And I hosted in Taiwan,Matthew,came here,too. His family are kind to me. His younger sister,Sophie,is so cute and pretty today. Everyone is awesome,no matter who is friendly.I'm glad to see everything and everyone. Today I have a good day,too.

A perfect day

A perfect dayPopular
Submitter05c16More Photos from 05c16    Last Update2016/11/5 14:25
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Today we visited the Portwell company.  We put on static clothing to Learn many new High-Tech knowledge. It was a great experience. In the afternoon, we visited the Intel museum. We made some model and write instructions. I bought a lovely dress to send my brother as gift. We had a Farewell Party at night. I was very nervous when I was performing. It is good for us that everyone's reaction is good. I had a great time tonight.

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