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The last day in Cupertino.

The last day in Cupertino.Popular
Submitter04c18More Photos from 04c18    Last Update2015/11/28 14:50
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Today was the last day in Cupertino. My host family and I went to shopping in the morning and had a lunch in the shopping mall. I couldn't buy many things because the time was very busy and short. After we went to shopping, Jackie and I went to ride a bicycle together. She rode a bicycle was very fast. We rode to the park and the school. The road was big and the air was fresh.But time to go home...  
I want to see my host family again in future. I was thanks them so much

trick or treating

trick or treatingPopular
Submitter04c18More Photos from 04c18    Last Update2015/11/28 14:24
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Today Annie's host family and my host family went to the beach and Amusement park. I was have a lot of fun there. I took the roller coasters three times with Sarah. We think that's pretty fun. After we went to Amusement park, we went to trick or treating. I played the Pac man,and I walked for two hours to ask candies. Tomorrow I will come back to Taiwan. I was very thanks to my host family, they were very nice to me and very take care of me. I really want to stay in Cupertino

In a terrible mood.

In a terrible mood.Popular
Submitter04c13More Photos from 04c13    Last Update2015/11/16 21:32
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I felt sad at the time we went back to Taiwan.
Half of the reason was because I threw up on airplane every time since I got long-distance flight trip.
Another half was came from "leaving America".
I didn't know what would be waiting for me in Taiwan, it must be lots of assignments or tests.
And I couldn't see the crystal clear seas and sky often since I got home.
I was too busy to find out the beautiful places in life.
Thanks to my journey in America, it taught me more than just enjoy the wonderful views.

Let's talk about the evening party

Let's talk about the evening party Popular
Submitter04c13More Photos from 04c13    Last Update2015/11/15 16:32
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My friends and I were looking forward to this day, because we finally could show the great moves that we practiced hard to everybody.
I remembered that was a cool night, we danced and sang to amuse everybody, and also received many great presents.
After this day I watched the video that my host family recorded, I felt a little bit embarrassed XD
But it was good that I got a chance to revive my old dreams.

First day at school

First day at school Popular
Submitter04c14More Photos from 04c14    Last Update2015/11/15 13:57
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This is first time I went to American school. I have music, science, English

Last day

Last day Popular
Submitter04c11More Photos from 04c11    Last Update2015/11/7 7:01
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11/1 Day 9
Today we went to Stanford University . The only thing I could say waslike "Wowwwwww!" It was all because the scenery was amazing ! The art building was in front of us , stood silently . Sunshine was dazzling , and the air was clear . We sat on the green field , the breez blew through us . I felt really relax .
It's my brother's dream university , and also his main object . I bought several things for him , just because he had dreamed about coming here one day . After that , I went to In-n-out to have lunch . Actually I thought that the food there were much more better , while the milkshake was too sweet . We had great meal for the last lunch in America .
Right after having lunch , we went to shopping quickly . We had only two hours left , so we had already some plans . We got everything we wanted during the short one hour . And after packing my suitcase , It was time to leave . I looked at my host family , trying to remember their face , their voices , and their facial expression . I couldn't say anything . They all gave me big hugs , invited me to come again , and I was trying hard not to cry . However , when I sat down on the bus , seeing my host family standing on the other side of the road , waving their hands , I cried .

Cupertino Day9

Cupertino Day9Popular
Submitter04c10More Photos from 04c10    Last Update2015/11/5 19:59
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Today is the last day in Cupertino, and we went to the mountain nearby. The sight was beautiful, we can even see the San Jose! Then we got to a winery there, the animals there are so cute. After that we got to the WholeFood, a grocery store there, and Mr.Vong helped me to get some food on the plane.
We left Cupertino at 4pm, I'll miss you guys...

Cupertino Day8

Cupertino Day8Popular
Submitter04c10More Photos from 04c10    Last Update2015/11/5 19:46
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Today we went to San Francisco. Although we didn't get to the Golden Gate Bridge, Mr. Vong introduced me a spot to see all the beautiful building!! We didn't celebrate Halloween 'cause we didn't prepare costumes. But watching people in costume is another kind of fun.
Tomorrow is the last day of trip, and I'll miss here!

Last Day!

Last Day!Popular
Submitter04c06More Photos from 04c06    Last Update2015/11/5 0:03
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Today we go to horse back riding.I get up early because I am so excited.It's my first time.But during horse back riding,I'm a little scary.My horse want to bite my shoes.
After that,we go to visited Stanford University.There's a beautiful building.I haven't seen it before.
Time flies,have to say goodbye to host family.
I'll remember them.Thanks for everyone.    

Last day in Cupertino

Last day in CupertinoPopular
Submitter04c14More Photos from 04c14    Last Update2015/11/4 21:34
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Today is last day in Cupertino. We went to down town(I bought a book and some tags) and San Carlos Beach(I just use foot to touch seawater, and it is very cold.)  And now is time to go back. It is so bad to leave Cupertino and my host family. I miss you very much, and I will come back.

I don't want to go back to Taiwan!!!

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 213 photos hit)(1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 22 »


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