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Last day to school😭

Last day to school😭
Submitter08c06More Photos from 08c06    Last Update2019/11/1 12:29
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Today is the last day to school.I was so sad about it.I'm gonna miss my host student and new friend a lot😭😭I hope l can stay in here longer!!I really like the school in here and the people in here too😊They were all very nice🙌Also to day is Hallowe'en. People in Miler dressed up so cooool👍 I dressed up with a Devil😈We went trick or treating at night!!I got two big bag of Candies🍬 and Chocolates🍫There were so many house with the decoration.That were sooooo pretty.I wish Taiwan can celebrate Hallowe'en too😂😂

Day 8 by Peter C.

Day 8 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 19:09
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day 8
We went to Hiller Aviation Museum in the morning, and saw lots of aircrafts telling the history of flying objects. From gliders to B-747 jet, I really like it.
We had lunch at the In-n-Out Burger, which is the most famous fast food restaurant in CA.
We went to the Nike missile sites at the bay side. The missile carried nuclear bomb in the cold war. It will defense the soviet bomber if they drove near.
The old soldiers operate the missile(not launching) down into the bunker and back up to the ground.
The missile site was really great, and thanks god it hadnít launched in the cold war.

Day 7 by Peter C.

Day 7 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 19:06
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day 7
We went to Apple Inc. at the morning. Itís a special experience to a popular man, and also I. We visited to executive brief department and saw the newest iMac that will start to sell at Dec. and itís still top secret~~.
Then we went to picnic in a park(I think itís Memorial Park). There was a pond in the park that was really beautiful.
Then we went to NASA in afternoon. The museum exhibits lots of projects of the Apolo plan.
At night, we went to the farewell party. Our performance was really success, everyone cheered and I think they love it. My performance about ocarina was really successful too(whereís your humility!!).

Day 6 by Peter C.

Day 6 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 18:58
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day 6, Halloween.
My WEB leader told me yesterday that he will dress up something silly, but I donít know that he will dress up like a princess!!
I was surprised when I got school: everyone was dressed up! From their dressing, you could found that they prepared for it for a long time, and Halloween is an important festival in the US.
We had Spanish class, music class, and math for the academic class, and cooking class, metal shop and PE.
In the afternoon, when PE class just began, Hyde middle school held a parade and a competition for everyoneís costume. The parade was really fun, and everyoneís costume was nice. And I found that lots of teachers also joined into the parade and had fun with students.
At night, my host family took me to a party held by a church, everyone in the party was very enjoyed, and seems a little bit crazy.

Day 5 by Peter C.

Day 5 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 18:54
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day 5
We attend school today. I had Spanish class with my WEB leader. Because I didnít learn Spanish before, I a hundred percent donít know what theyíre saying( when they talk in Spanish), and so I felt a little bored.
After that, we had metal shop, which was more interesting to me. The teacher is really nice to us, and also very friendly. He taught us to make necklace by printing letters on a little piece of iron(Iím not pretty sure). I thought that must be pretty easy to do, cause itís just pounding some mold to print letters, but when I tried it myself, I failed the first three letters!!
After the hard work(to me), Teacher taught us to make printings on a big piece of metal(about a half of A4). I made a mark of the Hsinchu flight patrol(for RC airplanes). The hardest part of it is to bend metal wire into shapes to make a mold. There are three jets in mark I designed, and so itís very hard to bend wires into that shape. Finally, I printed it out, despite I did my best, the shape still wasnít as well as I designed.
I had lunch after that, and had math class.
Their math class isnít as hard as us, theyíre just teaching 二元一次方程式right now. And so I donít have much problems with it.
After school, I went to bowling with my host family and my friends. They told me that the salary of an hour is 20 US dollars, and the ticket of bowling is 5, that feels like 25 NTD for a game. The price isnít high to them, and so I can understand why there are always lots of people playing there.

Day 4 by Peter C.

Day 4 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 18:51
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day 4
Itís the first day we attend school, and I found lots of things different than in Taiwan.
At first, we went to the second period with my WEB leader to the music class. In Taiwan, all the students learn one kind of instrumentóAlto(recorder), but in American( at least in Hyde), each of the students learn a kind of instrument, and so the whole class comes up with a band!
I think the way here lets every students learn what theyíre interested, not learning for the tests. And so, you can see them trying hard at practicing. But the cons is that the teacher must be good at lots of instruments, and it may be a little messy if someone doesnít attend.
The second point, is that there are brunch time in Hyde middle school, but we donít have in Taiwan. Brunch time in Hyde is like a longer break for having some snacks. I chose some pizza sticks made by Hyde for brunch, and I think thatís yummy!
After that, we have an elective class thatís for only the exchange studentsócooking class! We made a ď dutch babiesĒ thatís made from eggs, milk, and flour. Thatís really yummy.
In Taiwan, we donít have any class thatís elective(except clubs), but in Hyde, you can choose 1~2 elective class(es) depending on how much 0 periods youíve taken. You can choose some classes for example metal shop, cooking, computerÖÖas an elective class.
I think that can help the student choose what they like, cause not all of them is necessary to your life. And it helps student to get independent.
After that, we have lunch. In Taiwan, you eat lunch in your own classroom, and the food was prepare by the kitchen. But in Hyde, you can choose what you want in a place similar than a cafeteria, and you have to find a place to eat(like a bench, or something like that).
I had PE class with my WEB leader after lunch. Theyíre playing field hockey. Thatís similar than ice hockey but played on the field, so we donít need to wear blades. Thatís really fun, and my team won 2 times a row! Weíre very happy about it cause two of us were starters!
Hyde is really different to the schools in Taiwan, the design of the system helps the student becomes independent(I think), but in Taiwan, the school and the government choose all the details for you.
Thatís the day in Hyde. And Iíll going to play ďlazer tagĒ with my host family tonight. It will be fun!

Day 3 by Peter C.

Day 3 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 18:42
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day 3
Itís pretty warmer than yesterday in the morning. I woke up early(I think itís because the jetlag), and I found that the sky is still dark until 7:20! That doesnít happen in Taiwan!
I had the same breakfast as yesterdayófried eggs, toasted bread, bacon, and some fruits.
Jasper, his sister, and his mother went to school and work at about 7:30, and Mr. Edbrooke took me to DeAnza College, which is a community college, at about 8:30.
DeAnza College is pretty big and feels comfortable. There are lots of trees and plants beside the road. The strange thing I saw, is that I canít see the ďgateĒ of the college! Most schools in Taiwan have a big gate in the front, and printing the schoolís name. But thereís not in America, they print their schoolís name on a fence or something to tell you itís a school and its name.
The guide took us around the college and visit it and told us information about it.
Then we went to the Portwell Inc., thatís a company that manufactures hardware and commercial computers. We visited its factory, and saw lots of things.
We had pizza for lunch at the Porwell Inc., and before we left, Porwell Inc. gave all of us a wireless mouse as a gift, and I like it pretty much.
We went to visit Tech Museum in San Jose. Thatís a museum about science and machines and robots and things like that.
There are lots of robots in the museum that does special things ex, drawing pictures, simulating earthquakesÖÖ..
Thatís the day, and Iím so tired now.

Day 2 by Peter C.

Day 2 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 17:07
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day 2
Itís pretty cold, especially at the morning.
I woke up at about 6:30, and had breakfast at 7. The breakfast is casual, but I love it very much.
We went to SanFo and took the cable car. Thatís something I havenít done before. I stood at a side of the cable car, so itís convenient to take pictures. The wind is pretty cold, I think itís only 10 or 15 degrees, but the views are really beautifulóSanFo is on a hill, and when the cable car goes to the top of the hill, I could see the shore and the sea, and the whole bay sight.
We took a short walk on the shore, and had lunch at a seafood restaurant. The meals are really big, and I love them so much.
We went to pier 39 thatís pretty famous after that.
Then, we went to a place I really likeóthe USS Hornet! I couldnít believe that!
We went walking up and down the decks and walked through rooms thatís really like a puzzle.
I bought some gifts there, and thatís the day.

Day 1 by Peter C.

Day 1 by Peter C.Popular
Submitter02c04More Photos from 02c04    Last Update2013/11/10 17:03
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10/26(taipei time)
day 1
we left Hsinchu at about 4 pm, and we arrived airport on time. The 行李 claim is pretty fast. After we past the customs, we walked around and some bought some things in the duty-free shops.
 At 7:40(local time) the air plane flight BR0018 took of at Tauyuan. We had a meal(I think thatís for the dinner) and then itís time to sleep. To let the jet-lag smaller, I chose not to sleep, so that itís easier to sleep at the first night in Cupertino, and hope that works. I spent the time while others are sleeping watching movies on the plane. I didnít remember the exact movie Iíve watched though. We arrived at San Francisco airport at about 15:45(local time), on that time, Iím really really tired cause of not sleeping about 19 hours.
 And again, we past the customs quickly(not include waiting time), and I found the customs is really different to Taiwan then in America: first, the customs donít need your finger prints in Taiwan, and also they wonít ask that much questions. And the color of the ceiling is between blue and gray, and the color doesnít feels good so much. AndÖÖIíve read a book, it says that Americaís customs gives you a feeling, is that visitors are not welcomed after the 911.
 Letís not going too far. We took the bus and arrived Cupertino very soon. I met my host family and went back home. Jasperís home is really big, it looks nice and comfortable so.

Last night

Last nightPopular
Submitter02c15More Photos from 02c15    Last Update2013/11/10 0:30
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In the afternoon ,We reluctantly said goodbye with host families . I will miss them . After we went to eat chinese food . But it's salty . So we do not eat much . We shared our experience . Soon,we say goodbye with the United States . I will miss and we went to the United States during the period .
This valuable experience will always be in my memory .

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