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4th DAY

4th DAY
Submitter08c02More Photos from 08c02    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 13:42
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I have been on a full day class today and I feel no more relaxed than ours.  After class, we went to see Valerie’s  volleyball match and it was great!  Next we go to the home dad company - google! novelty and fun!  The food provided in their cafeteria is delicious and nutritious, and home dad turns into my idol right away!


Submitter08c03More Photos from 08c03    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 13:31
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Today i not only visit Lynbrook High school but went to court hearing.
The school are just like the college of TW.
they have flexible learning programs.
A lot different intern opportunities.
Like today Will and I went to court hearing.
That's unforgettable.
It's such a special experience.
Really grateful I had the chance to peer court.
I learned a lot.  


Submitter08c07More Photos from 08c07    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 13:16
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Today was the first day to go to school, I was a little nervous, but everyone was nice and cordial. America's middle school is different than Taiwan's Junior high school. Today I had a drama, PE, social studies, science, and cooking class. I think cooking class was really fun, we made a pumpkin lantern. I like America's middle school so much.

no title

no title
Submitter08c12More Photos from 08c12    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 13:15
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Today we went to the high was so fun and the brunch was so the Chinese class was very interesting to me because my mother language is Chinese so when I know that there said the wrong I’ll be laugh that just like me to study English.
After the class we went to shopping

day 4 in America

day 4 in America
Submitter08c08More Photos from 08c08    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 13:14
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Today is my first day to go to school .They prepared snacks and drinks for us , that was really sweet.They also prepared a short video to welcome us.We missed the first class,PE.We  went to the choir in school because my host student is a member of it .Even though I didn’t know what to sing ,it was still fun to listen to their wonderful voice .And then we took a Spanish class, after we done with today’s progress , we started to do paper cutting, it was really fun!
We had a writing class in the afternoon ,it was cool! We read a story called"War",and did some exercises about the story .
My host family took me to the mall this evening ,the mall was so big and sold almost everything .
I really had a good time today!

day 3 in America

day 3 in America
Submitter08c08More Photos from 08c08    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 12:55
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Today we went to Intel museum .The guide asked us to build anything with Lego.Next, he wanted us to write an instruction . Last, he told us to go to other’s seat, and see if we could build it with the instruction.It was really hard , but I felt great sense of achievement.
We also visited Stanford ,we had lunch over there, it was pretty cool!I noticed that most of the students were working and eating at the same time .That made me realize that time is really valuable .I really love the church there, it was big and beautiful ,it was also sacred.
After my host family picked me up ,we went to the library in the City hall, that was a big library and have all kinds of books in it ,there was even Chinese area!

The fourth day

The fourth day
Submitter08c17More Photos from 08c17    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 12:34
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Today, when we were out of school, we went to the library to study. It was beautiful. There were many English books, Chinese books, movies, cartoons, comics... There also were sofas, tables, chairs... It was really comfortable to read there. We also went to Downtown Los Altos, it is a very beautiful town. There were coffee shops, ice cream shops, toy stores, restaurants... shopping there is really like a holiday.


Day 4

Day 4
Submitter08c15More Photos from 08c15    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 12:22
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Today we started to go to Miller Middle School, I was a little nervous and embarrassed when I walked into the first classroom. Everyone was kind and friendly to me. There were many Chinese students in this school. If I don't understand what teachers said, they will tell me again in Chinese. My favorite class is Woodshop because we can make anything we want with wood. My host student tought me how to cut the wood, so I can make a thing without any help now.

First day to school😁

First day to school😁
Submitter08c06More Photos from 08c06    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 12:14
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Today is the first day to school🏫.It was soooo fun😀The students in there was so nice👍👍We changed the classroom after every class.I was amazed that some students can speak Chinese!!At the PE class we got a high jump that was a lot of fun. For lunch we ate sandwich, pie,and salad. In the afternoon we had science class and math class!Science class was such boring😂😂But teachers were all good.It was a very cool experience to me😁

The First Day of School (Day 4)

The First Day of School (Day 4)
Submitter08c11More Photos from 08c11    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/10/30 12:02
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We went to Miller Middle School today,it’s really different to Taiwan school.
They have brunch and lunch time;they can choose their own special class as drama or photography etc.;they use notebooks to study more than textbooks!
The students are really kind to me,they chatted with me and asked me if I needed help too.

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