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Submitter08c10More Photos from 08c10    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 15:22
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Today is Halloween. My host family took me to treak or tricking. We dressed up all day and we decorated the house,too. It's really fun cause I haven't try that before. We went to many
streets for candies. I saw many awesome house that decorated for all the stuff of Halloween. When we finished treak or trick, we went home to eat dinner. We also watch a movie called "Book of Live" to end up the day. It's so fun today. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
Submitter08c04More Photos from 08c04    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 15:06
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 Today is Halloween, almost everyone has a dress up, some are so cute.  In the evening, I went to the famous haunted house at six o'clock.  The decoration of the objects there is very hard, for the sake of our children.  I still have to go to candy, get a lot of it, I may have to fangs!  !  

Day six in the USA

Day six in the USA
Submitter08c09More Photos from 08c09    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 14:43
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Today is a special day: Halloween!!! In Taiwan,we seldom celebrate Halloween at night,but the United States is different, theirs Halloween is like Taiwan's night market, very bustling. I got a lot of candy and saw a lot of scary dressers. Especially a killer clown,he was really terrifying. I'm never have this kind of experience before,so I very enjoyed this activity. Hope that I can participate the " trick or treating" again in the future.

day 6 in America

day 6 in America
Submitter08c08More Photos from 08c08    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 13:58
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Today is Halloween!It is also the last day in school.
We had to say goodbye to the friends we met these day,I am going to miss them so much.After school,I changed on my costume, I was being a bloody cheerleader. Ananya, Anvika, and their mom helped me with the makeup.I looked so creepy after everything had done, I liked it!We went treat or trick around, it was so fun.There are some houses that they really decorated it very cool.

Halloween (6)

Halloween (6)
Submitter08c02More Photos from 08c02    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 13:43
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I went to the whole class today, so tired, but I still have to go to the trick or treat  at night , We are going to have a lot of candy, I am so happy.  But it’s so tiring ~~ (going over the road!)


Submitter08c17More Photos from 08c17    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 13:39
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Today is Halloween! The school hosted a Halloween contest, some dressed up as wizards, witches, demons, unicorns, elephants... and I was a spider. In the game, I saw everyone dressed up and they were all very interesting. Although we didn't win, I can tell everyone is very creative. What impressed me was a teacher who made an ornament with garbage put it on her head. It can be used for waste and can be funny for Halloween. At night, I got a lot of candies, and they were all tasty. During trick or treating, someone gave me a quarter.


Submitter08c02More Photos from 08c02    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 13:39
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Today we didn't do anything special, but today is the home mom's birthday. When he came back, we gave him a big surprise!  He was very touched, we ate the cake together, and then we started preparing for Halloween tomorrow.

The Sixth Day

The Sixth Day
Submitter08c14More Photos from 08c14    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 13:35
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Happy Halloween!!


Submitter08c13More Photos from 08c13    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 13:26
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Today is Halloween.I dressed up the Snow White,and we take the many candys.That's really fun,I like.


Submitter08c15More Photos from 08c15    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/1 13:25
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Today is Halloween, it's also the last day of school. In the evening, I put on a zombie costume, then we went to a school to meet some people. We went to so many people's houses and said, "Trick or treat!" together. When we came home, my legs ached, but my bag was very full. I have a lot of candy to share with my family and classmates.

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