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Cupertino Day 7

Cupertino Day 7
Submitter08c18More Photos from 08c18    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 14:28
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In the afternoon, we waited out the restaurant an we practiced the dance we need to show to our host family.
We sang the song call "四季紅" and "We all in this together ", I'm so thanks for my host family to taking care of me for a week and took me to so may places to play!!!
I'm so lucky to in America to be the exchange student.
We only have tomorrow can with host family to do some activities and we will go back on Sunday night, so sadddddd.

Day 7 in Cupertino

Day 7 in Cupertino
Submitter08c05More Photos from 08c05    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 14:20
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We went to several tech companies today, which were Portwell and Cisco. These two companies profuse really high technology. One thing that I learned was that Cisco invented products for the employees who were disabilities. This was such a nice way to help people in need. After visiting those companies, we went to the city hall for the farewell party. We had a show together, and we also share the experience that we learned from this trip. It was a really nice party, but it also meant our leaving time is getting closer. Ultimately, we went to Michael, which was a store selling all kinds of stationary and stuff. We bought some stickers and candies. After we back home, we had a movie together and finish this lovely day.


Submitter08c13More Photos from 08c13    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 14:10
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Today we went to the CISCO.And I saw very amazing things.And we had a show today.So,today is very happy.

Day 6in Cupertino

Day 6in Cupertino
Submitter08c05More Photos from 08c05    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 14:08
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Last day of school. Today we had two special classes which were cooking class and leadership class. In cooking class, we made some witch’s fingers that were made of cookies. I really enjoy it since I don’t have cooking class now in Taiwan. For leadership class, it was really interesting. The people in this class were basically those who holder the activities in school. I am a member of my school association so I was really curious about this. Except for school, Halloween was the best part of today. I was dressing up as milk, and my host was a cookie. We went to trick-or-treating with her friends. Although it was quite cold, we really had a great time. The houses was so well-decorated. Everyone was so nice and friendly. After that, we got some ice cream and finished this fantastic day.


Submitter08c02More Photos from 08c02    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 14:07
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We went to cisco, portwell and the Apple store today. It is really amazing for us to visit the major companies. Apple seems to be cheaper to buy here.  And today is the day of acceptance the dancing. I think I am very good and happy.  It was so funny to go to the Chinese class with my boarding at night.  Today is very fun!

Day 7

Day 7
Submitter08c15More Photos from 08c15    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 13:38
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We went to Cisco, Portwell and Apple today. Portwell is a big company coming from Taiwan. Portwell and Cisco are hardware companies. There are some cool rooms and machines in the companies. I saw lots of IPhones, IPads and computers in Apple. They look so great. After our show, my host family took me to the cinema and watched a movie. I was really happy to get new experiences in the USA.

day 5 in America

day 5 in America
Submitter08c08More Photos from 08c08    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 13:22
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Today is the second day in school.The first period was PE, we have to jump over the rope.It was extremely hard!I have never succeed,It was so embarrassing 😱😱.After school ,we made pumpkin pie and we carved a pumpkin, it was really fun!

day 7 in America

day 7 in America
Submitter08c08More Photos from 08c08    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 13:08
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Today we went to Portwell, Cisco ,and Apple.We visited factories at Portwell and Cisco .It was really fun to actually saw the process of making a product.After we went to Apple ,we went to the banquet.We ate Chinese food there for dinner, it was delicious!It made me missed Chinese food 😂
And then we had a small speech to thanks to our host family tooking care of us this weekend.After the banquet, my host family took me to the Yogurt Land, we ate ice cream there, it was yummy!


Submitter08c17More Photos from 08c17    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 12:51
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Today, we went to Cisco. Cisco is the leading provider of Internet solutions, its devices and software products are mainly used to connect computer network systems. It has a lot of labs, simulating lightning, lightning, high voltage, etc. It is very interesting to test whether the product can adapt to harsh environments. What impressed me the most was a small room. After entering, you will feel that you are in outer space, although I don't know what it is used for. It was really fun there.  

no title

no title
Submitter08c12More Photos from 08c12    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 0:28
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Today was Halloween we went out to get some candy and went to friend house to has a party

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