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The last day

The last day
Submitter08c15More Photos from 08c15    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/3 12:58
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Today, my host family brought me to Facebook and Google. I was very excited to go to the big companies. We had lunch at In-n-Out. It was delicious. This is the last day in America. I will miss the time in America.

day 8 in America

day 8 in America
Submitter08c08More Photos from 08c08    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/3 12:41
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Today Ananya's mom took me to Target.I bought a lot of snacks and  I also bought a stuff elephant, it was so soft!😍After that we went to watch Ananya's soccer game.It was a great game .Although they  lost the game , they didn't blamed anyone in the team.In the afternoon, we went to Santana Row.There was a Amazon book store, it was pretty cool 😎.We also saw Tesla's car show ,I even pretended I was driving the car!


Submitter08c13More Photos from 08c13    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/3 10:23
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Today is finally day in Cupertino and today our host family helped me celebrated.Had a yummy cake,it's very delicious.I'm very happy with them.And I really thanks my host family,because they brought me a lot of joy.So,I'm really happy.

Day7 in Cupertino

Day7 in Cupertino
Submitter08c16More Photos from 08c16    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/3 7:05
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Today we went to Portwell,Cisco.We took a lot of photos.At first, I always wanted to go home.but now,I really don't want to leave here,Also don't want to leave my host family,I am really happy at the party!I will cherish the rest of the time with my host family❤️

Day 7

Day 7
Submitter08c11More Photos from 08c11    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/3 0:23
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We went to Portwell ,CISCO and Apple today. Those technologies are amazing !
We had a farewell party ,and we did performing !I am so surprised that most of students volunteered for giving a speech here ,everyone said they had good experiences!
This night ,I do ‘sleep over ‘with Anisha.Today is fun!

no title

no title
Submitter08c12More Photos from 08c12    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 23:25
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Today night is our first time everyone host family and us together and was the last time too
I’ll miss hear so much I don’t want go back to Taiwan


Submitter08c07More Photos from 08c07    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 23:13
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Today we went to Portwell, CISCO, and Apple. In the evening, we went to Quinlan Community Center to eat dinner and do a performance. At night we watched a movie, its name is Passengers. I think the movie was interesting.

Day 7 in Cupertino

Day 7 in Cupertino
Submitter08c10More Photos from 08c10    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 23:10
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Today we went to visit Portwell, Apple Park and many other places.But I think the best part was DINNER cause we have to perform to our host family. We got a exchange gift from both countries.I got two clothes and a water battle. After the dinner, we decided to go for a movie. That's my first time to go to  movie theater in US and I like it. I want to thanks my host family. They always give me a special experience.


Submitter08c09More Photos from 08c09    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 15:39
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Today we have a performance in the Cupertino community center. We arrived there at half past three,and practiced the dancing part for an hour. I can't remember the singing part at all,so I didn't sing very loud during the shows. After the shows,we have a great dinner with our host family, everyone enjoyed it a lot. My host family took me to the department store at night,I bought some presents for my teachers, classmates,and relatives in Taiwan. Hope we have a great stroke tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone!!!

Wonderful Performance

Wonderful Performance
Submitter08c04More Photos from 08c04    Category108-Cupertino    Last Update2019/11/2 14:45
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 Tonight, everyone is working hard to practice dancing, and may be afraid of jumping wrong.  Practiced over and over again, and finally everyone's performance was very good.  This is my first time in the United States, but I am going back soon, and I have some reluctance in my heart.  I am very grateful to my host family, they took care of me for a week, and it was very good for me, let me know a lot.  To be honest, I don't want to go back at all. Although it is cold, it is very fun, and I have to make up a lot of homework and courses.

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