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Cupertino day 8 (final day with host family)

Cupertino day 8 (final day with host family)Popular
Submitter08c08More Photos from 08c08    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/5 0:55
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Yesterday is the final day with host family,they took me to San Francisco,and experience the farmers market there,there was so many people,and so beautiful.
After San Francisco,my host family took me to Google,Facebook,but the store didn't open,it was such a shame   ,after all of this,they took me to a store sells many many clothes,I bought two fancy shirt,it was sooo fun.
I hope tomorrow will be a great day,and I can meet with my host family often in the future

Cadetís log: stardate Nov 3, 2018, ďday 8"

Cadetís log: stardate Nov 3, 2018, ďday 8"Popular
Submitter08c17More Photos from 08c17    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 20:32
Hits207   Comments0    
Today was my last whole day with host family. We went skydiving. It was so excited! The huge fan made me flew in the air, and the coach taught me that I needed to keep my arms up. It was very interesting. This was an experience I'll never forget. Thank you, my host family!

Cadetís log: stardate Nov 2, 2018, ďday 7"

Cadetís log: stardate Nov 2, 2018, ďday 7"Popular
Submitter08c17More Photos from 08c17    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 20:07
Hits371   Comments0    
Today I went to farewell party. It was very interesting. I shared my experience, and I was very happy. It's a pity I need to go back to Taiwan. I like here. I wish I could stay here much longer.

Santa Cruz!!

Santa Cruz!!Popular
Submitter08c09More Photos from 08c09    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 18:14
Hits143   Comments0    
Today was my last day with my host family. Although we get in contact pretty much since I hosted him this April, there's still a lot of memories and things that are unforgettable and words to comprise all the thanks. But before that, I'm going to tell about what I did. First, we woke up early to go to a famous American restaurant in Cupertino. It's called Bill's cafe. The serving of the food for breakfast is a lot! I can hardly finish it. But it was good, though. Then we went to Santa Cruz near the coast of California. There are beautiful sites there.In the evening, I also went to Nvedia, a big company where my host parents work. It was really big, and I love the working environment there. And the boss is a Taiwanese! Then, at night, we went to Santana Row, a place where lots of people will go at night. Mexican bars, fancy cars, big restaurants and so on are found in that place. We also went to the Cheesecake Factory. I had a slice of "Coffee and Chocolate cream supreme cheesecake. It was AWESOME!! It's the last day with them, and I just want to say lots of TKS to them. Wish  we'll meet someday in Taiwan of in the US!

Stanford DeAnza Cisco and more + Farewell Party

Stanford DeAnza Cisco and more + Farewell PartyPopular
Submitter08c09More Photos from 08c09    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 17:59
Hits368   Comments0    
Today was another day of visiting really good companies. First, we went to Cisco, a high technology where there are testing machine that costs billions of dollars! It's really amazing and shocking to see the inside parts of the company!Then, we went to Stanford for a GREAT lunch at their cafeteria! It was one of the most delicious food in SCHOOLS that I've ever eaten! We walked through Stanford University, and went into the Memorial Church. Inside it were beautiful decorations and you feel really peaceful in it. Then, we went to De Anza College in Cupertino. It's a community college where there are thousands of international students. There requirements for students who want to study there isn't much as other university. What's more, there are transfer programs where you can work hard and gain the opportunity to transfer in better University like UCLA or others after two years of that school! It appeals to me even more to come to study in California! And actually, there's a really beautiful girl there! YES! Finally, we had our Farewell Party, and all host families are there. We also performed singing and dancing. It was really memorable.

Cupertino Day 7!

Cupertino Day 7!Popular
Submitter08c16More Photos from 08c16    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 17:29
Hits132   Comments0    
Today I went to the Stanford University school!The school there were really huge!i think that is bigger than Taiwanís!!!And There was a lot of big building! Everything there is very magnificent and beautiful!And also we had a farewell party this night! God I was really nervous and enjoying it! Iím going to miss everyone! I donít want to go ~~And I love everyone here especially my host family❤️.Thamks for having me ❤️

The last day

The last dayPopular
Submitter08c18More Photos from 08c18    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 15:55
Hits159   Comments0    
TODAY is the last with my host family I will very miss them,because their very kind to my ,I so sad that I have to leave them ,them took to many places and introduce for me ,I will very miss them QAQ.

the last day of the host family

the last day of the host familyPopular
Submitter08c07More Photos from 08c07    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 15:32
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Today is the last day to get along with the host family. In the morning, my mother took us to AT&T Park. Because today is Science Day, the golf course and the surrounding areas are all related to nature. I use strawberries to make DNA. However, in the evening, my mood is a bit low, because I will not see the host family again tomorrow. I really miss the time in the United States. I hope that one day I will see each other again!!

Oracle and In N out burger

Oracle and In N out burger
Submitter08c10More Photos from 08c10    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 15:26
Hits93   Comments0    
Today we go to Golden warriors basketball court, although today don't have a game at there so I can't go to watch a game, but I am still very happy too,and I go to shop a basketball suit ,and then we go to eat a In N out burger, that's very famous in Taiwan, fortunately that doesn't disappoint to me, I like this burger! I am so happy today.

Two big places

Two big placesPopular
Submitter08c15More Photos from 08c15    CategoryCupertino-107    Last Update2018/11/4 13:34
Hits111   Comments0    
Today we went to Stanford again!! We walked and looked around the school. I bought some souvenirs, but same things in Stanford are more expensive then other stores. Then went to Livemore outlet,  it is so big, we bought lots of things there, I have never bought that much. I feel very tired.

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 4982 photos hit)(1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 499 »


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